Modular Building – Case Study

Project Name: Churcher’s College 6th Form Education Block

Location: Petersfield

Sector: Education

Building Type: Modular Education Block


A new education block, for Churcher’s College 6th Form, needed to be manufactured off site and installed during school summer holiday.

The building would need to be utilised during the construction period, so a flexible solution was necessary to allow installation works to continue during normal school hours while causing the minimum disruption possible to staff and students. This also involved dismantling and relocating the original building before installation of the new education block could proceed.

Stage 1

On the site where the new Education block was to be installed an existing Modular Classroom block (supplied by Portable Facilities) need to be dismantled and relocated within the School grounds and became the new Estates Office.

Stage 2

Initial groundwork took 2 weeks to prepare. The ground for the site was uneven; it Sloped away 1.4m and therefore structural supporting piers were designed by our consultant structural engineer and approved by local authority building control prior to groundworks commencing.

Several pillars were needed to create a level surface area; a total of 48 pillars were constructed and checked, providing a safe and stable foundation.

Once the pillars had been constructed and approved, the new education block was put into place. A 350-tonne crane was used to manoeuvre and position the new 12 Galvanised Steel Frame modules into position creating a 36m x 10m building footprint. This procedure took 6 hours to complete. – A further 7days from this date were programmed for second fix electrics, floor covering, air conditioning and IT installation.



Modular Education Block
Stage 3

Once the building was in place, it was ready to be used by staff and students. The exterior walls were covered in Euro Slip Brick cladding, providing a cost-effective and attractive solution without the need for laying heavier masonry bricks. Slip bricks are thinner bricks that replicate the look of real bricks. Quick and easy installation meant that they could be fixed to the exterior walls whilst the building was already being used. As the procedure is relativley quiet, students and teaching staff were able to continue with lessons without being disturbed by building work.



The entire project took 6 weeks to complete.

The result is a spacious, modern modular education block consisting of 5 classrooms, 2 reception rooms and 2 administration offices, providing a dedicated 6 Form education block that is independent of the rest of the college.

The building is fully air-conditioned with a total of 10 units installed throughout the block. Disabled facilities have been added to allow for easy wheelchair access. These consist of a stairwell, a disabled ramp and a sloped tarmac pathway for easy accessibility.

The classrooms are light and spacious and well insulated , providing a quiet and comfortable studying environment for 6th Form students that meets Local Authority Building control approval in particular to Part E of the Building Regulations, School Premises Regulations and the Independent School Standards, and all Ofsted requirements.


modular education