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Modular Office Buildings

Portable Facilities has a wealth of experience in providing permanent and temporary offices to businesses & organisations throughout the UK. We understand the needs of the corporate sector, where time is money and every day you lose to construction is a day of lost revenue & a blow to your return on investment. If you can’t afford for your premises to become a building site for months on end, investing in a modular or portable office is a fast, cost-effective & flexible solution.

Modular Use For Business

Our experience has given us a thorough understanding of the corporate sector, and we are mindful of the challenges facing organisations who wish to expand rapidly without compromising the day-to-day running of their businesses.

Portable and modular offices are constructed offsite, in a controlled factory setting, then transported to your site, craned into position, and connected to the electricity mains and plumbing. This process typically takes a couple of days, ensuring minimal disruption to your business, and your profits.

These buildings are suitable for a variety of uses in the corporate sector, including:

  • Offices & office expansions
  • Call centres
  • Conference rooms
  • Marketing & customer reception suites
  • Canteens
  • Extrafile (storage for excess filing)

Whether you require a single-room facility, or a large-scale, multi-storey office block, we can supply a building to your specifications. All our corporate buildings provide a high-quality, functional and attractive workspace, and they conform to the same building regulations as traditional buildings.

Benefits of Modular

These buildings provide a useful alternative to traditional construction, offering minimal disruption to your business, improved site safety, early occupation, and guaranteed quality. They also offer complete design flexibility and allow you to maintain your professional image in the aesthetics of your building.

We offer a vast array of sizes and layouts, giving you endless options and total flexibility in design from large, open-plan spaces to individual offices. Our buildings can be linked side-by-side or end-to-end and stacked vertically, and if your business needs change these flexible units can be added to, or disassembled and relocated.

Externally, we have a range of cladding and colours to choose between so the building can blend seamlessly into your current premises or make a design statement, standing out for maximum effect. Meanwhile, on the inside you will enjoy a high-quality working environment, that’s warm, comfortable and designed to maximise productivity.

Portable and Modular Office Suppliers

From temporary offices and portable canteens to permanent corporate headquarters, we offer a fast, flexible and high-quality solution to your accommodation needs. With no restriction on design or layout, we can deliver your building to you in less than half the time of a traditional construction and our corporate clients return repeatedly – a testament to our excellent service.

If a new building isn’t financially viable, we have a range of refurbished buildings that can be modified to suit your requirements and adapted to match your corporate livery.

To find out more about our range of temporary and permanent modular office buildings or to obtain a quote for your project, speak with one of our experienced team today.