The Benefits of Temporary Buildings

For any business, staying strong during turbulent economic years can be a trial. So if you see an opportunity to maximise your growth, you have to take it, right?

Problem is, for many businesses, this brings with it the need to grow physically in order to accommodate more equipment, more people and/or more products. So for businesses dependent on physical space to grow, is it worth taking the risk of buying or renting new premises, or building an extension on your current premises?

Because if that growth has a limited time frame and gradually fades away, you are left with unwanted space and a binding financial commitment.

It’s for this reason that many businesses are turning to temporary buildings as a solution to their spacing problems. So what are their main benefits?

A Speedy Solution

The first benefit is speed. Since they don’t require foundations, temporary buildings can be installed quickly and efficiency – sometimes in as little as 4 days.

The materials required for temporary buildings are readily available, saving you time on procurement and logistics. Because they’re readily available, they’re quick to transport to site so you can save a significant amount on shipping costs, compared to materials used in more traditional constructions.

What’s more, if you no longer require the structure, they are equally quick and easy to dismantle and take away, with many suppliers offering buy-back options as an added bonus.

Significant Financial Savings

Building an extension or a new building can be a costly business, but the materials required for temporary structures are significantly cheaper than those used for traditional buildings.

Because many temporary buildings follow a modular style, you won’t be wasting money on expensive architect’s fees. Neither will you be faced with expensive builders’ costs because these structures can be assembled quickly, without a need to dig foundations. And if your supplier offers a buy-back option, you are faced with almost zero risk to your business, or your schedule.

A Versatile Option

By their very nature, temporary buildings offer great flexibility for your business. Components can be added or removed as your business needs change, and the structures can be altered to suit any business requirements.

For businesses, this offers a quick, smart solution to commercial problems like space requirements and relocation. You can build, dismantle, extend, return, relocate or modify your structure at the drop of a hat.
If your business is experiencing a period of growth and you need a speedy, risk-free option to extend your physical space, why not consider a temporary building?

All structures match the standards for British safety, and they are durable and secure. Available in all shapes and sizes from portable toilets to large industrial buildings, they offer upfront cost savings with the minimum of disruption.

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