When to Buy a Reconditioned Modular Cabin

A modular cabin is a perfect way to construct a temporary or permanent environment for your business, school or other venture. It’s an entirely blank canvas that gives you hundreds of design and layout options. You’re able to be creative with modular cabins, from the inside out.

They’re a perfect solution if you’re looking for a smaller set up for toilets, shower blocks or changing rooms. If you require more than one, you’re able to join them together and stack them vertically, depending on how much room you’ve got to play with. You can create a canteen, meeting rooms, accommodation or a simple storage room.

Be as creative as you like inside, it’s your blank canvas. Opt for a small budget, basic cabin or a kitted-out one complete with partitions, climate control, toilets, kitchens, and lighting.

Modular cabins are becoming more popular due to their diversity and flexibility. However, buying a brand new one is not always an option for all businesses and individuals. Luckily, there’s the possibility of buying a reconditioned modular cabin.

Here’s why you might need to buy a reconditioned cabin, instead of forking out for a brand new one.

Value for Money

An obvious reason a reconditioned or refurbished modular cabin may suit your needs is because they’re value for money. You’ll be buying a secondhand cabin, so a substantial amount of money will be taken off the usual full price. As an example, it’s possible to pay just £4,000 for a fully refurbished secondhand portable cabin.

Expert Refurbishment

You may be thinking if it’s secondhand, that it’s going to be of sub-standard quality in comparison to a brand new version. However, the opposite applies. Reconditioned modular cabins have been through an expert overhaul within factory conditions, which includes the electrics, flooring, ceilings and more. Not only this, but it’s guaranteed to meet current building regulations.


The best part of a reconditioned cabin is that it’s ready to go and will save you time. A traditional building structure takes time to construct, whereas opting for a reconditioned cabin will save you around 70% of the time. Not only this but on arrival, all the cabin will need is a connection to electricity and any necessary plumbing, and it’s good to go.

There’re many benefits to opting for a reconditioned modular cabin over a brand new one. To find out more, contact Portable Facilities today.

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