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Heating and Air Conditioning Options

A Pleasant Work Environment Last Update – November 2019 Modular buildings are a fantastic way to create extra space on almost any site. Whether it’s for a temporary office, sales or marketing facilities,... Continue Reading »

Six Modular Building Myths

Six Modular Building Myths (last updated – October 2019) Modular buildings have come a long way since the end of the war years when temporary prefab structures were rapidly assembled to replace bombed... Continue Reading »

Portable Offices Are a Wise Investment

Making The Finances Work (updated in October 2019) Over the last fifty years, portable buildings of all kinds have become increasingly popular as accommodation, and many companies are now aware of the significant... Continue Reading »

Expanding Your Business Facilities

A Smooth Process (last update – October 2019) One of the most stressful situations for business owners is the need for bigger facilities because moving or building can cause disruption and reduce productivity.... Continue Reading »