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How Do New Modular Buildings Work?

You are likely to have come across the term “new modular buildings” quite regularly lately. However, as with many buzzwords, people often don’t know what they actually mean and become worried about asking... Continue Reading »

Reconditioned Portable Buildings

Sustainable Buildings Concerns for environmental impact and the need to reduce the carbon footprint have never been felt more strongly than in the construction industry. Conventional construction is unsustainable and is a major... Continue Reading »

6 Modular Building Myths

6 Modular Building Myths Modular buildings have come a long way since the end of the war years when temporary prefab structures were rapidly assembled to replace bombed houses and schools. These poor... Continue Reading »

Modular Building Manufacturers

Different Uses For A Modular Building Modern modular buildings are built to high specifications providing a comfortable, affordable space solution that is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Quick and easy to... Continue Reading »

Commercial Modular Buildings

How A Modular Building Can Help Your Business If you’re looking to expand your business you may find you’ll need more work space. This could involve moving to a new location or, if... Continue Reading »

Refurbished Modular Cabins

The popularity of modular buildings is increasing not only because of their versatility and cost effectiveness but also because they are not just used as temporary structures anymore. High quality building materials and... Continue Reading »