Category: Portable Cabins

How Do I Install My Portable Cabin?

You probably already know about the numerous benefits of portable cabins, and one that certainly appeals is the fact they’re manufactured in a factory with the strictest of quality control mechanisms. Not only does this... Continue Reading »

Portable Cabins Across the World

Portable cabins and other types of modular buildings are used all over the world for a variety of applications. They first became popular after WWII, when there was an extreme shortage of housing,... Continue Reading »

Who Uses Portable Cabins?

When people think of portable cabins, their first thought is usually of temporary classrooms in schools and colleges. Whilst it is true that this is a key area for their use, there are... Continue Reading »

Construction Cabins

One of the many uses for portable, modular buildings is on construction sites as a site office. Construction cabins can be an ideal way of providing additional working space to people limited by... Continue Reading »