Commercial Modular Buildings

How A Modular Building Can Help Your Business

If you’re looking to expand your business you may find you’ll need more work space. This could involve moving to a new location or, if the situation allows, extending your current property. The easier option would be to move, but there may be valid reasons why you may want to stay put and expand, for example, your business could be home based or you may own your commercial location.

However, a building project should not be taken lightly. Ironically, the time and money spent on a commercial building project, if not handled correctly, can have a negative effect on the very business you’re trying to expand.

Here’s a look at some of the difficulties faced with a conventional building project and how a modular building could be just the solution you need to help your business.


In many cases, a short term project can end up being long term. Delays can be caused by unreliable contractors, supply deliveries, bad weather and building regulations to name just a few. A project estimated to last 3 months can take up to a year to complete costing your business not only valuable time but money.

Even with a project manager on-site, your time will be taken up with day to day involvement. This is precious time that is taking you away from running your business.


Many building projects end up costing more than estimated. A project that exceeds the budget can have serious repercussions for your business. Good project management should factor in delays and unexpected costs when working out the budget in the beginning. 

Commercial Modular Buildings

A temporary modular building can be a lifesaver for your business. You’ll have a base to work from while building takes place so business can carry on as usual. Manufactured off-site, a modular building only takes a couple of days to set in place and get up and running. Once your building project is complete, a modular building can be easily dismantled and removed.

Commercial modular buildings can be adapted with a range of flexible design options. They offer a comfortable and attractive workspace as superior in quality as a permanent structure. Cladding can enhance the outer aesthetics to complement the surrounding structures.

When all is said and done you may even prefer to use a modular building as a permanent addition to your existing premises, saving money in labour, material and architect costs and removing the headache of building works.

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