Construction Cabins

One of the many uses for portable, modular buildings is on construction sites as a site office.

Construction cabins can be an ideal way of providing additional working space to people limited by their environment and its size or permanence. Portable cabins are one of the options best suited to these conditions, allowing site leaders to make the most of their available space in order to meet all of their working needs.

Modular buildings are distinct units created off-site in a factory, on a production line, which are transported to their final location in one single piece. These are then quick to install in their location, creating a cost effective workspace within a short space of time.

Site preparations such as levelling can be completed whilst the unit is still in the factory, meaning there are no delays and a much shorter project completion time for building site cabins in this way. Perhaps more importantly for some, the portable cabin can be disassembled at the end of the project ready to be taken to the next site, saving money for the construction company and also being a favourable solution in environmental terms.

The construction site cabin can serve a number of functions. The most obvious use of modular cabins on a construction site is to provide a secure base of operations for the foreman or site leader. In this space, away from the problems of the elements and rain damage, the foreman can liaise with architects, clients and suppliers.

It is also a weather proof place to store site diagrams, plans and important safety documentation. On large projects like housing estates, schools and factories, having a central base of operations is absolutely essential to ensure efficiency and from which to manage the large teams of contractors and independent partners who are involved.

The office will also provide a safe place for computing equipment and telephones, to enable the site to remain connected to the outside world or head office for the duration of the project.

Secondly, they can be used as recreational space and catering facilities. Particularly on large projects, it can be useful to have somewhere for staff to congregate during their lunch breaks or other rest times which is away from the wind and rain and in which ideas can be discussed. It is also a useful place to meet at the start of each shift, allowing instructions to be disseminated with ease, and in which posters of news, safety policies and other items can be displayed.

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