Installation Of A Modular Building With Video

High specification build in just 6 weeks – Six week timelapse video

How long does it take to construct a modular building? Watch our time lapse video documenting onsite construction of a 180 sqm modular building in Hampshire, England to see the answer.

The beauty of modular construction is that the majority of the build and fit out can take place offsite, with the semi-complete building being craned into position towards the end of the process which minimises disruption, costs and total construction time.

This build, with an approximate budget of £250k took just 6 weeks to complete. Using pre-owned frames which were redesigned by our structural engineer, with extra steel to strengthen the load bearing capabilities for the FSC-certified timber truss roof and clay roof tiles this building also met the customer’s requirement for sustainability and our company ethos of “reduce, recycle, reuse”. A separate porch entrance was added using lightweight faux stone blocks, and the external finish included brick slips to blend with the surrounding buildings.

Here’s the finished building – the camera had to be moved in order to get the road added – which is why you don’t actually see this at the end of the video unfortunately. Next time, we’ll put the camera in a different place!


If you need a modular building for your school, office or marketing suite get in touch to speak to our expert team. We firmly believe modular construction is the future!

Update for August 2019:

We’ve just been back to site and thought it would be great to show how fantastic this building looks on the inside too:

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