Modular Buildings – a Convenient Solution for Schools

Is your school or university roll growing faster than expected? Or do you have an urgent (or not-so-urgent) need for more classrooms or other space? Constructing traditional buildings can be expensive, disruptive and time-consuming. A cost-effective, quick and convenient solution is a modular building. Find out how a modular could be the best answer for your school.

Your Modular Building Can Be Installed Quickly…

…and with minimal disruption. Modulars are constructed off-site, and are about 70% quicker to construct than a regular building. Plus, you won’t have the noise and disruption to classes. Modulars are usually installed on-site in just two days – as opposed to several weeks for an on-site build.

A Modular Is Cost-effective

Because of modular construction techniques, they cost about 50% of what a regular build does. And because building is expensive and schools usually run on a tight budget, the savings on building costs can be significant.

Modulars Are Fully Customisable

Gone are the days when pre-fab meant one size, shape and colour fits all applications. Now you can choose the size, shape, layout, interior and exterior design and plumbing of your new modular. So whether you need a new dark room for your photography classes, a temporary staff room or canteen, a regular classroom or something else, your modular building can be outfitted to suit its purpose.

Modular Buildings are Energy Efficient

Schools use a massive amount of electricity for heating, lighting and other needs, so it makes sense to save on energy costs wherever possible. Modular buildings from Portable Facilities, for example, feature high-tech insulation and double-glazing, both of which will bring down your electricity bills – making your new modular even more cost-effective in the long term.

Environmentally Friendly Modulars

Public schools are often under scrutiny as an example of how things should be (or aren’t being) done. This includes upholding and protecting the natural environment. Luckily, many modular buildings these days are built with the environment in mind. The construction materials are ozone-friendly and recyclable, and there’s less waste both in the factory and on- site than with a traditional build. So you can feel confident about your school’s public image, and feel good that you’re going easy on the environment too.

Modern modular buildings have come a long way since pre-fab days. Modulars are a sensible, convenient, low cost, attractive solution and involve minimal disruption to your educational environment – making them the ideal buildings for schools and universities throughout the UK.

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