Modular Classrooms – Why They’re Perfect for Your Primary School

If you’re in the business of primary education, you’ll know that school rolls go up and down, and the building needs of your school fluctuate over time as well, partly due to politics and trends in education. And as the only constant is change, you’ll need to be responsive with buildings that can adapt to your ongoing needs without adding unnecessary cost. A modular classroom is the perfect solution – here are four reasons why.

1. Low Cost and Time Investment

Compared to permanent on-site buildings, modular classrooms are comparatively inexpensive and quick to construct. Your new modular might cost as little as 50% of a traditional build, and can be ready in a couple of days, which means minimal disruption to teachers and students, letting them get on with the priority: teaching and learning.

2. Modular Classrooms Are Versatile

Modulars come in just about any size or configuration, are relocatable when your needs change, can be temporary or permanent, and can fit in with your school’s current look, or be made to stand out. Modular classrooms are fully customisable, and you can choose from a range of interior and exterior looks to complement your school.

3. Modulars Aren’t Just a Building

Modular buildings can come with every option a classroom needs to keep kids healthy, safe, learning and stimulated. For example, they can include heating, plumbing, electrics, doors and windows, blackboards and whiteboards. And modular buildings aren’t just classrooms – they can be activity rooms, playrooms, canteens or storage rooms. Meanwhile, if your school’s needs change, you can have the modular moved and re-fitted out to suit its new purpose.

4. Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Modulars are energy efficient, and include the latest technology in insulation and double- glazing, helping save money from your budget on heating and electricity costs. They’re also made from ozone-friendly, recyclable materials, and because the modular construction process is exacting, it means less waste both in construction and at your site.

Considering the ever-changing needs of the UK school system, it makes sense that school buildings can adapt in response. With the affordability, versatility and customisability of modular classrooms, they’re the perfect solution to a growing school roll. And with the speed of installation, there’ll be minimal disruption to the staff and pupils’ daily routine.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and how modular classrooms can meet them.

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