Modular Classrooms: ROI Is Massive for Private Schools Extension

With finances in every sector strained, modular classrooms can be the perfect way to expand the capacity of your school whilst maximising return on investment.

You may not have considered modular classrooms before, but if your school has seen a sudden rise in numbers, you’re undertaking refurbishment work or you’ve lost buildings to fire or vandalism, a fully equipped modular classroom may be exactly what you need.

The glory of the modern portable building is it’s appropriate either for temporary or more permanent usage.

Of course, you may be put off by memories of sitting in portable classrooms as children. Draughty and unsafe with no loos or running water and floorboards that creaked whenever anyone walked, those early buildings certainly weren’t the best accommodation for a class of children.

However modern portable cabins and modular buildings have developed beyond all recognition from then, and they can now provide a superior standard of accommodation to meet all modern educational needs and regulations.

What Are the Benefits?

Modular classrooms can cost anything up to 50% less than a traditional building, meaning they can be a very cost-effective solution to an immediate accommodation need. Most portable buildings for the education sector are constructed offsite in a factory setting and transported by road to their intended location where they can be craned into place.

All that’s needed on-site is to connect up the services and to provide steps and ramps where appropriate. So the building can be installed and operating within the space of a couple of days.

This means modular classrooms can quickly add capacity to your accommodation without any disruption to the day-to-day running of the school. They can be supplied in a range of sizes or configurations providing a comfortable and stimulating environment for teachers and pupils alike.

How Have Modular Classrooms Improved?

Modern modular buildings come with the latest insulation technology and double-glazed windows, which means there’s no draughts and you get to save on your energy bills too. They also include the full range of plumbing and heating.

So whether it’s a regular classroom you need, an activity room, staffroom or canteen, there’s a modular solution to suit your needs. It’s even possible to provide a fully equipped laboratory.

With return on investment being such a key driver in the modern school budgetary plans, a modular classroom engineered to a high specification can make a new teaching block a viable proposition.

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