Three Things to Consider When Choosing Modular Classrooms for Schools

The majority of schools in the UK are nearing their full capacity, yet demand for places is increasing. Amid growing concerns that the education system will not be able to meet the demand for places within the next couple of years, schools are being urged to expand. As additional spaces are required almost instantly, an increasing number of modular classrooms for schools are being constructed.

Here are some important considerations to make when commissioning modular classrooms:

The Aesthetics

Traditionally, modular buildings were dull, temporary structures that weren’t well suited to an educational environment. When deciding upon a supplier, it is important to consider what the finished product will look like.

Ideally, the space should be modern and inviting. It should have plenty of natural light, so ensure that the facility has good-sized windows. Take the time to look at the available materials and finishes, and consider which will make for a more productive learning environment.

Modular buildings have evolved considerably over recent years, so it is now possible to have classrooms constructed to complement existing buildings.


When do you need your classrooms to be ready for use? Often, schools decide to use modular construction in order to avoid disruption during term-time. As the buildings are pre-fabricated, the majority of work can take place off-site, during term time, ready to be installed during the school holidays.

Whilst this enables the classrooms to be completed quickly, with minimal disruption to learning, there must be sufficient planning to ensure that everything runs smoothly – particularly if there’s a small window in which to deliver and install the building.

It is important to obtain the relevant planning permission before you begin work constructing and installing your buildings. There’s a misconception that you don’t need planning permission for temporary structures – this isn’t always the case.

Your Requirements

Communicate with your supplier about your objectives. While you can reassemble modular buildings if your requirements change, this is often impractical in an educational setting.

Therefore, it is important to spend time at the start of the project to ensure that your supplier understands your exact needs: from the number and size of the classrooms, down to their colour schemes and facilities. Modular buildings are adaptable, so you can design them to meet your precise requirements.

If your requirements are flexible, it may be possible to find a suitable used portable classroom. Unless you have specific requirements in terms of the style and configuration, it is likely that you will be able to find a pre-loved classroom and make a significant cost saving.

As used buildings are already constructed, they can be delivered extremely quickly, which makes them ideal if you need to increase the capacity of your school urgently.

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