A Modular Grand Design

Because we love all things modular, we were especially excited to watch a recent episode of Grand Designs, where farmer and architect Patrick Bradley constructed his dream home out of four shipping containers and a very respectable budget of £133,000.

A Grand Idea

Patrick Bradley is in line to inherit his family farm and he wanted to build a house that both fulfilled his needs as a farmer and appealed to his architect?s design aesthetics. Much to the horror of his family, Patrick decided against using traditional building materials opting instead for steel containers that had previously been used to transport goods across the sea.

However, we fully approve of Patrick?s grand idea because of the strength and durability of containers, and the speed at which they can be fitted together to make a modular construction.

Constructing His Dream Home

The construction of his dream home didn?t have the best of starts ? the lorries carrying the shipping containers could barely manoeuvre up the narrow lane leading to the farm, and at one stage it looked as though the project would be over before it had begun. Fortunately they arrived, to the dislike of his mother who thought their ugly exterior would be an eyesore on the land.

But it wasn?t a time to get carried away. Next, the containers had to be lowered onto the foundations, and it was essential that they were a precise fit otherwise the structure was in danger of buckling. But the experienced architect had done his homework correctly and the structure was complete.

The containers were welded together to form a giant cross that cantilevered over a stream and the exterior was clad in dark grey expanded metal and natural Corten steel so the colours blended with the surrounding countryside.

Using shipping containers as the basis of his design meant that Patrick could save both time and money as modular buildings are cheaper than traditional buildings and are quick to construct.

The Finishing Touches

Once the structure was complete, Patrick could concentrate on fitting out the interior to his high standards. Despite being frugal with his building materials, he was ready to blow the budget in order to create his perfect interior.

Perhaps his most expensive addition was a ?16,500 hammock bath, although he also spent big on large glass windows to make the interior light and fresh, and a green roof for the ultimate eco-touch.

We?re inspired by Patrick?s fantastic grand design, which just goes to show how versatile and cost effective modular structures can be.

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All pictures courtesy of Channel 4 and Boundless Productions

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