Modular Buildings For Sale

The Modern Alternative To Traditional Construction

Portable Facilities is a leading supplier of high-quality modular buildings for a wide range of market sectors throughout the UK. With a range of sizes and specifications available, our buildings are built to a very high standard at a competitive price and can be customised to suit your business requirements.

Offering a fast, affordable solution to your accommodation needs, these versatile, sustainable, semi-permanent buildings fit a variety of requirements are eco-friendly and are becoming increasingly popular for schools, office space & suites. For all modular buildings projects speak to our team on 01420 587880 or email us if you prefer.

Building Types We Offer: OfficesClassroomsMarketing Suites

What Are Modular Buildings?

They are sectional, semi-permanent, prefabricated structures consisting of one, two or multiple building components called modules.

These individual modules are constructed in a factory setting and transported to the site where they can be combined to form a wide variety of building functions.

Modules can be connected side-by-side, end-to-end, or stacked up to four storeys high, to create a semi-permanent structure with a minimum lifespan of 25 plus years.

Planning and requirements are covered on our modular buildings FAQ page.

Finally, if you’d like to see how they are installed on-site, watch our six-minute time-lapse video on modular building installation for a recent project overview.

Your Modular Choices

Whether you require just 1 or 2 modules or full project management, we have the knowledge and expertise to work with you from initial enquiry, through design and development, to the final delivery and installation of your new building. As full members of the MPBA, you can be assured of our professionalism. We can even help with finance, find out more here.

Our project management – complete turnkey – package is designed to reduce project costs and timescales while ensuring you receive a hassle-free experience, includes:

  • Crane Hire
  • Groundworks
  • Building control & planning application
  • Transportation
  • Access ramp & steps

We supply modular and advanced (multiple units) buildings suitable for meeting all the demands of modern accommodation across a range of industry sectors. All are available with a choice of internal and external finishes, including architectural wall claddings and timber, brick, stone or plaster-rendered walls.

They are suitable for almost any industry, application or setting, including schools, offices, canteens, toilet & shower blocks, marketing suites, meeting rooms and sales offices. We have also put together a list of frequently asked questions that cover building regulations, planning, timescales & more.

Opting for a new modular building gives you a blank canvas so we can work with you to design a building that meets your exact specifications. We also sell used modular buildings which can be reconfigured to your requirements. If you’d like to find out more about our buildings or obtain a quote for your project, contact us today.

Six Benefits Of Modular

  • Speed: Using pre-fabricated building modules saves you build time and ensures your project isn’t delayed by bad weather.
  • Time: Offsite construction while the building foundations are laid means you enjoy minimal disruption to your site, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.
  • Flexible:  Modular systems can be adapted as your employee or student numbers and business needs change, giving you maximum flexibility to upsize, downsize, reconfigure or relocate as necessary.
  • Cost:  More efficient method than traditional construction, meaning you could save up to 50% on the cost of a conventional building.
  • Robust: Because they are constructed in a factory setting, the quality of the build is far superior to something constructed on-site and the finished building will be robust, durable and subject to the same building regulations as traditional builds.
  • Green: Modular construction provides a sustainable solution to the environmental challenges of modern buildings. They produce less waste, both onsite and in the factory, and virtually all materials are recyclable. Read our new study on the carbon savings that can be achieved vs traditional construction methods.

A range of options

With a vast array of sizes and configurations to choose between, our buildings can be tailored to fit several different functions, including offices & classrooms.

Alternatively, if a new building is not viable, but you still require a quality product, we have a refurbished building selection that can be modified to fit your construction & design needs.

If you need something for 6-12 month use, we now offer hire facilities. Please take a look and get in touch if we can help.

Sell Your Building

The advantages of investing in a modular building are many. Offering versatility, flexibility, value for money and high quality, they can also be swiftly and cleanly constructed. But what happens when you no longer need your modular building?

The excellent news is high-quality modular buildings retain a good resale value, with many firms eager and willing to buy. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to sell yours, please read the following.

Obtaining an Evaluation

If you decide to sell your building, it’s a good idea to get several evaluations from different potential buyers. The good news is that most companies will offer to provide a free on-site visit to wherever you are in the United Kingdom. During this visit, they will conduct a full site survey that includes a free building evaluation. After the visit, if a company is interested in purchasing your building, they will then send you a purchase offer in writing.

Payment terms

After hopefully receiving some offers from interested firms, you will then have to decide which company to sell to. One thing to consider apart from the price offered is payment terms. A good company will often offer to pay a deposit once you have agreed to the sale, with the remaining balance due once your building has been removed. So be clear about the size of deposit offered and how long it will take for the remaining balance to be paid.

Removing Your Building

After accepting an offer, the company purchasing your modular building should provide you with health and safety documentation related to the removal of the building. It is essential to take this seriously. Under CDM legislation, the dismantling of your construction is classified as demolition, and you will remain legally responsible for ensuring that this work is done safely and in compliance with all health and safety regulations. Look for a company that has a strong safety record, and that takes health and safety seriously.

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