Portable Cabins Make Ace Classrooms

The challenge of affordable, well-built classroom space remains a pressing issue for most schools today. Facing limited budgets, rising pupil numbers and aging school buildings, schools are increasingly looking for an innovative and inexpensive solution to this problem. One distinct response has been the use of a portable cabin as a mobile classroom. And who can blame them? As the following six advantages show, portable cabins do indeed make ace classrooms.

Classrooms That Fully Meet Your Students Needs

When portable cabins are transformed into classrooms they not only come to life, but are designed to fully meet the needs of your students. Fully customisable, they can be used to house everything from a gym to a science laboratory. Whatever the needs of your students, portable cabins can be transformed to fully meet them.

Classrooms That Save Money and Time

Portable cabins not only save money but also time. A systematic construction process combined with standardised structures means that costs are reduced and construction time is saved.  And saving you even more money in the future, these mobile classrooms are more than cheap cabins – they’re designed to last!

Classroom Versatility

Portable cabins can meet all of your school’s classrooms needs. Whether you need a temporary structure or a permanent facility, portable cabins fit the bill. Not only are they easily disassembled after meeting short-term classroom needs, but they’re built to the highest of construction standards and can last for years.

A High Quality and Durable Teaching Environment

Portable cabins make classrooms of the highest quality. Built from materials that guarantee durability and endurance, all cabins undergo a series of rigorous safety and compliance tests. Assembled in an ISO9001 certified factory environment, they all meet current building regulations.

A Green Classroom

Portable cabins make green, environmentally friendly classrooms.  Built from ozone-friendly, recyclable materials, each cabin meets BREEAM standards for sustainable construction and design, and they’re highly energy efficient and equipped with high-tech insulation materials, as well as double-glazing.

A Smarter Construction Choice

Finally, compared to traditional classrooms, portable cabins are a smarter construction choice. They’re quick to build, with a construction time almost two and a half times faster than traditional buildings. And because they’re mainly constructed off-site, you can avoid the eyesore of a messy and noisy construction site in school grounds, ensuring little or no disruption to the school day.

Whatever your school’s classroom needs, Portable Facilities can help. We are the UK’s leading supplier of portable cabins and specialists in providing modular classrooms to the educational sector.


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