Why Use Refurbished Modular Offices

Modular offices are becoming increasingly popular. Such an office is essentially a building that is fully constructed elsewhere, according to your exact specifications and requirements. They use all the same materials as a regular building does, and they meet all the necessary building codes and regulations. However, it takes only about half the time to construct one of these offices as it would a normal office. Basically, a number of “modules” are constructed, that are fitted together on site, thereby meeting the specifications that you have asked for. PFUK supply new and refurbished Modular Buildings.

Benefits of Refurbished Modular Buildings

In terms of their structure, you will find that a modular office is generally a lot stronger than a regular one. This is because they are built in such a way that they have to be able to be transported, craned up and lifted down onto foundations. This wouldn’t be possible with a regular building, which would generally fall to pieces as soon as it is caned up. The modules are then put together, creating a single roof, wall and floor.

Also, it is much easier to manage the quality of construction by building off site. This is because all the materials needed during construction are stored securely and safely in a warehouse. Hence, they won’t be affected by the different elements, nor will they deteriorate in any way. All the plants in which they are built have to meet certain quality control elements and they are regularly tested and inspected on this. This means that you are guaranteed to have superior quality.

There are various other benefits as well. These include:

• The construction activity is taken off site for about 80% of the process, meaning that you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of living on a building site.

• There is no need for constant vehicular traffic as pieces are added or removed.

• Because of the above, safety levels and security is heightened as well.

These three benefits are particularly important for sites such as hospitals, schools and other businesses where there is a lot of foot traffic by the general public.Essentially, choosing refurbished modular buildings is better for your pocket, better for the environment, better for other people and better for your pocket as well. Indeed, building modular costs a lot less than building on site, in terms of materials, labour costs and insurance. Clearly, the question shouldn’t by why you should choose refurbished modular, the question should be “why not?”

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