Reconditioned Portable Buildings

Sustainable Buildings

Concerns for environmental impact and the need to reduce the carbon footprint have never been felt more strongly than in the construction industry. Conventional construction is unsustainable and is a major contributor to pollution, waste and over-use of resources and materials. However, we will always need buildings so sustainable solutions are necessary to help to reduce the environmental impact.

One solution is in the construction and use of modular buildings. Modular buildings have a range of benefits, including their sustainability, compared to conventional construction. Here are some reasons why modular structures are a sustainable solution for modern building requirements.


Modular buildings are constructed in an off-site, quality controlled factory setting. Construction is not affected by weather delays and the process is quick, so less energy and resources are needed. Waste materials are recycled and reused instead of being discarded. Any unused construction materials can be stored in a controlled environment to prevent distortion or warping. They can then be used for other construction projects.


Modular buildings are constructed using as many recycled materials as possible, which in turn can also be reused and recycled if the portable structure is dismantled.

Timber clad buildings not only look more ‘green’; blending in well with any type of existing buildings, they are also clad in sustainably sourced red cedar timber from responsibly managed forests. Timber cladding also has excellent acoustic properties and is sound proof, helping to reduce noise pollution.

Eco-Friendly Features

Modern modular buildings have a range of energy efficient features such as double glazed windows and high technology insulation and ventilation.

This not only provides a warmer, more comfortable interior space, but it also dramatically reduces your energy bills.

Reconditioned modular buildings can be refurbished with added features to ensure even greater energy efficiency.


Modular buildings are erected quickly and are functional in a matter of days. They are portable, so they can be easily re-located and reused over and over again, saving time, money, energy and materials.

Reconditioned modular buildings are given a complete overhaul during the refurbishment process using the highest quality materials such as flooring, walls and electrics to provide a cost effective alternative to a brand new structure. Reconditioning an existing modular building has even less impact on the environment and its portable and reusable qualities makes it the most sustainable building option there is.

Portable Facilities offers a range of reconditioned portable buildings that are refurbished to the highest standards under factory settings. For more information, contact us today or visit us online.

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