The Benefits of Advanced Temporary Buildings

With the population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, one of the big questions is how will we balance sustainability with accommodating, educating, and caring for this many people. One answer comes in the form of advanced temporary buildings. They are a hot topic for the following reasons.

They’re Fast to Build

Constructed offsite, they’re brought to your site as modules, and fitted together. This means they can be ready to use in half the time of a conventional building. Not only that, but it minimises the noise, distraction, and organisational downtime experienced, should you be extending an existing building.

They’re Strong

With this style of building increasingly used as permanent structures for offices, schools and hospitals, strength is key – especially as they can also be up to four storeys high. This, combined with the fact that they must withstand being transported and crane-lifted, means they’re engineered to be stronger than conventional buildings.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to sustainability, they’re virtually unbeatable. Temporary buildings are often designed from recycled materials, and even those that aren’t produce very little waste. This, combined with their durability, is great news for the planet.

They’re Adaptable

Imagine how long it would take to remove a few pieces of a conventional building, add some new ones in, and extend it. Advanced modular buildings are designed to be versatile, which is great news if you’re an expanding organisation. If the building is temporary, there are flat-packed options that can be constructed fast, and returned to their flat-packed state when not in used. Try doing that with a conventional building!

They’re Aesthetically Pleasing

Temporary buildings were once unsightly to look at and unpleasant to be in. However, they’ve developed beyond almost all recognition. Designed to make the most of natural light, they can stimulate learning and brainstorming, and boost morale.

They’re Portable

Being stuck in one location is an old-fashioned concept in today’s busy world. Imagine being able to move your office to where the work is, or transport an existing classroom to newly purchased land. Advanced modular buildings allow you to change location, in a way traditional buildings simply can’t.

They’re Cost Effective

Savvy businesses know how to save money, and opting for this type of structure helps you do just that. Portable buildings are mass-produced, reducing labour and component costs. Not only are these savings passed on, but economies of scale allow for significant discounts if you order in bulk.

They Can Be Built Almost Anywhere

A modular building was just the ticket when it came to constructing the Halley research base in Antarctica, and it’s a good bet your location won’t be quite as remote. From forests to war zones, modular buildings can be transported to locations where it would be impossible to build a conventional building.

As the world changes, it’s good to know that buildings have changed, as well. The future of buildings has finally arrived…and it’s modular!

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