Why Temporary Classrooms Are Here to Stay

The 2012 school building programme ushered in a new era of scarcity in the space and funding available for state school accommodation. This situation is mirrored in the independent sector as the result of ever-increasing commercial pressures; pressures also felt by colleges and universities. A clear solution to these problems is the use of modular classrooms.

Constructed to High Standards

If, when you think of temporary classrooms, you think of the squalid, leaky prefabs of yesteryear, think again. Today’s modular classrooms are constructed to a high standard and come in a wide range of sizes and floor-plans. Often exceeding the standards set by the education authorities, they provide safe and spacious accommodation for traditional classrooms, activity rooms and even fully-equipped laboratories.


You can order a classroom based entirely on your specifications. Select an exterior finish which complements existing buildings, including stylish wooden cladding. Modular classrooms are future-proof: if the purpose of a classroom needs to change it can be reconfigured with ease. When your organisation moves to a different site, your temporary classroom can go too.

Minimally Disruptive

Temporary classrooms are, as their name suggests, prefabricated in modules. They are manufactured off-site and can be transported without fuss or great expense. Furthermore, these classrooms are easy to assemble and disassemble. For these reasons they are a suitable choice for temporary or permanent buildings and can be installed without disrupting the schedule of your school, college or university.

Saves Time and Money

Ease and rapidity characterise the installation of temporary classrooms. Their use gives your organisation the capability of responding quickly to changes in demands for accommodation. They are the perfect solution when you need emergency accommodation after a fire or during building works. If your organisational budget is especially tight at such times, you may even be able to purchase a used or refurbished building.

Flexible Alternative to Traditional Classrooms

Space is at a premium in schools, colleges and universities around the country. temporary classrooms provide the solution to this problem. These prefabricated units are the flexible alternative to traditional classrooms, since they can be configured entirely to your specifications. Assembled on site, these buildings provide high quality, secure accommodation for laboratories, activity rooms and more. Should the need arise, your modular classroom can be relocated or repurposed with ease.

Temporary classrooms save time and money, too. Installation and reconfiguration are quick and can be accomplished with minimal disturbance to your schedule. Find out exactly how straightforward the process can be when you contact Portable Facilities UK to discuss your requirements.

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